What Can Salt Therapy Do For Me?

What Are The Benefits Of Salt Therapy?

Spas globally have taken wellness to a whole other level; and that level is salt therapy. Salt therapy, otherwise known as “Halotherapy”, is similar to spending a day by the salty seashore. Have you ever wondered why you feel so much better after a day at the beach? We’ll give you a hint, it’s not from the relaxing sounds of waves crashing on the shore. We’re here to tell you all about the benefits halotherapy can bring and see if it’s the right option for you!

“What exactly is it?” You may ask; Halotherapy is a holistic treatment that involves breathing in salt particles found in the air. Spas use a device called a halogenerator; this device grinds salt into tiny particles and then pushes the particles into the air of the salt chamber. Once the patient inhales these microscopic particles, the magic begins. Once inhaled, salt particles are known to absorb different types of irritants found within the body such as allergens and toxins, primarily found inside of your respiratory system. Advocates of halotherapy claim that inhaling the salt particles causes the built up mucus to break down and it is also thought to reduce inflammation; thus resulting in an easier time breathing due to your airways being cleared.

What Else Can Salt Therapy Help?

Smokers Cough:

One of the most common reasons people seek halotherapy benefits is due to smoking related issues. Smoking can cause the lungs to become inflamed and irritated, and can also cause them to have build up of a tar like mucus. The salt particles that are inhaled within the chamber help reduce inflammation of the lungs, and reduce the bacteria that has built up. Halotherapy also helps widen the airways; this helps shift the mucus and also lowers the likelihood of contracting any type of infection.


Halotherapy has also been known to help patients with depression and anxiety. Each session is 45 minutes of complete relaxation and meditation. Practitioners highly encourage you to focus on your breathing during each session and will even give you specific breathing exercises to try out! Patients that suffer from depression or anxiety reported mental performance, mood and lower levels of stress daily. They have also reported having an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep!


Some may find it surprising to find out halotherapy can even help with acne! A salt cave has natural antibacterial properties. By sitting in the antibacterial environment, the salt begins treating the skin topically as well as internally. As soon as the salt enters the bloodstream, it begins to fight off inflammation and helps the severity of outbreaks. Patients have reported that halotherapy has decreased the length of outbreaks (how long each outbreak lasts) and the frequency (how many times a month they experience outbreaks) has been dramatically reduced since they began the halotherapy journey.


Much like the benefits smokers receive, halotherapy helps widen the airways allowing patients who suffer from asthma an easier time breathing, and also allows the mucus to be broken up, clearing the lungs of any build up that may have occurred. Patients who suffer from asthma have reported having an easier time breathing on their own, and also experiencing asthma attacks far less frequently.

These are just some of the most common benefits people seek halotherapy for. Salt therapy dates back to medieval time with little to no reported side effects. If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned disorders, we here at The Salt Room Valrico highly suggest you come in for a consultation to see if halotherapy would be right for you!

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