Shiela Forlaw

So happy to have discovered the Valrico Saltroom.The staff all are so professional, polite, pleasant & very helpful. It is truly my happy place. I would go every day if I had the time. I am so grounded,relaxed & breathe easier after my visits. I can’t thank them enough for offering a clean,relaxing environment & I hope to be a client for years to come.

Julia Pattillo

We have been attending the Salt Room consistently for a little over a month and have experienced many health benefits. It is great for stopping the escalation of illness and wonderful for the respiratory system. The staff is great!

Dan Reardon

I’m on my 2nd visit, the staff are very helpful in walking you through the process which is really easy. I beleive it is helping me with my allergies, have a treatment scheduled again for next week. 🤧 😁

Becky Fisher

After driving by the sign on Highway 60 multiple times, I decided to look into what a Salt Room is and why I should be interested. The internet educated me about the many benefits of the longstanding practice of halo therapy in other parts of the world and I decided to try it myself. After one session, I signed up for a month’s unlimited-visits membership and then scheduled sessions almost every day they were open. Many conversations with the owner and staff, after each session, further educated me about complimentary therapies and I was on my way towards real relief of post nasal drip, severe allergies, asthma, and stress. The atmosphere was so relaxing that I slept through a couple of the sessions. I’m so glad that salt rooms have caught on in this country and that we have one so conveniently located!

Sarai Quirino

I recommend this place to everyone. I felt so relaxed and all around good. The people here were so nice and talked us through the process in detail. Everything is clean and sanitized. My 2 year old daughter enjoyed it was well. She had toys to play with as I was relaxing. I will be back soon.

Margie Melendez

First of all, very relaxing from music to room decor. As the salt treatment began, my breathing got better and easier. I felt so much better for days. The personnel was courteous, efficient, and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I recommend all to come and experience the benefits of salt therapy like I did.

Kari C

What allergies?! Woke up last week with some congestion that lead to an ear infection. A friend of mine originally told me about The Salt Room experience about a year ago and she informed me that there was a closer location to us in Valrico, FL that just opened up. She said they helped her when she had a upper respiratory infection. I went in and Patricia and her team were super informative and shared all the benefits of The Salt Room. I’m extremely excited to find something holistic and safe to help keep me healthy closer to home!

David Velez

My wife and I love coming to this location. Patty and her team and super nice and informative. This has helped us so much with allergies, rosacea, ear infections, colds, and even acne. Anyone one from the Plant City, Valrico, Brandon area should come to this location. We highly recommend it!

Paulo De OIiveira

Today I came in with my 4 year old daughter because we both were all congested. Now after our treatment we can breath and talk without hearing a rattle. I am so glad we found this place. We will definitely be back.

Tara Youngblood

So relaxing, peaceful music and definitely feel the effects of the salt in my sinuses! The staff is amazing Will be scheduling for the family…. so worth it!!!!

Ariel quinones

Salt therapy is new to me, and l didn’t know what to expect. I did know that salt therapy helps with respiratory conditions by drawing water into airways, thinning mucus and improving the function of cilia, or small hairs that help move mucus out of the lungs according to Dr. Chervinskaya on a WSJ article. Also, can help with help skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. So my wife and I visited the Salt Room in Valrico, FL. And what a experience. Left there energize and more important with desire to treat ourself again. Thanks again see you soon.

Walter Fuller

Staff is friendly and helpful! I highly recommend to anyone with respiratory issues. I have been a member for a few months and have noticed an improvement in my breathing. Salt Room treatment is very relaxing!

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