Can I Bring My Kids For Halotherapy?

Children And Halotherapy

With spring fast approaching, what comes to mind first? Is it the April showers or maybe the May flowers? The birds chirping as you stroll through the park perhaps. Those who suffer from allergies can think about one thing, and one thing only; pollen. A majority of these springtime allergy sufferers are kids! While all of their friends are outside playing they go outside and start sniffling, only to immediately retreat back inside to the safety of their air purifier. It can seem nearly impossible to wrangle a small child and have them sit still long enough to receive a nebulizer treatment. The masks used can be annoying, make your child feel claustrophobic and just downright uncomfortable. As a parent, it’s not easy to watch your little one being uncomfortable and it’s especially not easy knowing you’re not able to help or do anything about it. But what if we told you, there WAS something you could do to help lessen their springtime suffering? Because now, you can! Continue reading to learn about the benefits halotherapy can bring to your little ones this upcoming allergy season.

Salt Therapy Is Safe For Kids

Salt therapy (otherwise known to some as halotherapy) is an easy way for you to help reduce the symptoms that come with your child’s allergies. Here is exactly how salt therapy works; Halotherapy is considered to be a holistic treatment that involves breathing in microscopic salt particles floating in the air of the salt cave. A high tech device called a halogenerator is used to grind salt into tiny particles that you can’t see with the naked eye and then disburses the salt pieces into the air of the room. Once you inhale said salt particles, the magic starts to happen. Once salt particles are inhaled, they are known to absorb and eliminate different types of irritants that are found within your body such as common allergens and toxins, (primarily found within your respiratory system). Researchers claim that inhaling the salt particles causes a breakdown of all the mucus that has built up within your lungs. Salt is known to have an anti-inflammatory component; thus reducing inflammation within the respiratory system.Giving your child an easier time breathing and experiencing more open feeling airways. Halotherapy isn’t just great for children who experience allergies, but is also great for children who suffer from asthma or asthmatic like symptoms.

The entire process is quite relaxing. When treating children, practitioners provide the treatment with their comfort in mind. Sitting still in a chair for 45 minutes like a traditional halotherapy session, can seem near impossible to have a young child endure. Fear not, for the children’s room is filled with age-appropriate toys and books to keep them entertained for the entire duration of their 45 minute session. Children don’t even notice they’re partaking in a halotherapy session. Some kids have even been known to nap during their treatments!

Side Effects In Halotherapy For Kids

Every parent’s concern when trying any new type of medicine is one thing- the side effects. As of right now, researchers have found little to no side effects. Patients have reported itchy throats, runny noses and sinus pressure. This is all due to your system being cleared of all the allergens and toxins that have been building up. These symptoms should last about two to three days and after that you should be feeling better than ever!

Studies have shown that Halotherapy is safe for not only adults, but children of all ages. Research has even proven that halotherapy sessions are safe for babies to attend as well. The salty air is also safe for expecting mothers to be! Stop into our spa to see if halotherapy is the right option for you and your child!

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