History of Salt Therapy

History Of Halotherapy

Salt therapy has become more and more popular as the years go on. The practice originated in the salt mines and caves all around Eastern Europe. As the workers chiseled away in the mines, chipping and grinding away at the salt, tiny invisible particles of the salt were being dispersed into the surrounding air. Conditions found below the surface of the Earth were flawless, the circulation, pressure, and temperature of the air as well as the humidity levels had a beneficial effect on the condition of the environment. It was confirmed that by spending so much time in this environment, miners were unknowingly naturally receiving the health benefits of the salt, simply by inhaling the microparticles. In that day and age, cave mining was considered to be not only circumstantially extremely dangerous, but also a hazard to one’s health. Although that was thought to be a general truth, salt miners seemed to live in great health. Reportedly rarely suffering from common respiratory issues, and even having clearer, softer skin!

Once realizing this phenomenon was occurring, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski dove into his studies. He finally founded the first reported health resort in the year of 1939 in the Wieliczka Salt Mine of Poland. Some of the services he offered included salt baths and he also used natural brine forged from the underground. He then realized that staying underground could potentially be a far more effective practice in treating asthmatic symptoms than previously believed inhalations.

Salt Therapy Benefits Respiratory Systems

During WWII, in the year 1949, A German physician, known as Dr. K.H. Spannahel, would go on to observe that the people who took shelter from bombs within salt caves experienced remarkable respiratory health benefits. With this observation, the Klyutert cave was created as a type of inpatient facility in order to conduct research to discover the importance of the climatological conditions; With his findings, he would be able to confirm the medical benefits that come from underground salt environments. Unknowingly at the time, the results of his studies would then establish the framework of modern Speleotherapy( a widely acknowledged therapy for the respiratory system where patients spend time breathing inside a cave.) After his groundbreaking findings, the medical community as a whole began to pay more attention and began speculating the need for more convenient access to these caves; in order to operate certain studies while being able to conduct more research.

As the years stretch on we come to Odessa, Russia. The year is 1985 and the Institute of Balneology (the study of the medical benefits of bathing in natural springs), teamed up with the cave miners from Uzhgorod, Ukraine, to develop the first Halotherapy device. This new technology would grind chunks of natural salt into tiny microparticles, and disperse them throughout the environment. Once the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the groundbreaking information about this newly developed halo technology and studies on Halotherapy became accessible to the rest of the world. As the rest of the world began to catch up, Halotherapy started getting practiced outside of the USSR starting with Eastern and then Western Europe, making its way to Canada, over to Australia, and eventually touching down in the United States.

As Halotherapy continues to be a rising trend, researchers will see increased funds becoming available for ongoing studies as well as grants in order to provide proof of the beneficial effect halotherapy has. As studies continue, inhalation of microparticles will become an increasingly practiced form of treatment delivery. The potential research of how micron-sized particles of other compounds could possibly be utilized for future treatments is endless.

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