Our State Of The Art Facility

A Wellness Experience Like no Other


The moment you walk into The Salt Room Valrico you begin to relax in our spa-like atmosphere. Soothing, gentle music is playing in the background and the crisp, clean air fills your lungs as you breathe. The inviting coastal colors along with the glow of salt lamps invite you to relax with us.

We have taken every measure for effective treatment in this environment and designed 3 unique high-tech rooms to suit your needs.

These rooms provide state-of-the-art halogenerators utilizing pharmaceutical grade salt crushed into tiny particles for breathing as well as surface areas covered in natural salt creating negative ions and sterilizing the environment.

Children’s Room

In the children’s room, we provide Halotherapy in an environment well suited for infants and children through the age of 12. While your children are enjoying the therapeutic benefits of inhaling salt particles they can enjoy themselves with the variety of toys and games to entertain them. Floors are covered in salt and kids love playing in it as they do at the beach.

Adult Relaxation Room

In the adult relaxation room, we can accommodate up to 6 people. Recline in our zero-gravity loungers while reading a book, taking a nap, or simply enjoy the peaceful background music. The salt enters your respiratory and nasal passageways and relaxes your immune and nervous system. Salt covered walls and the warm glow of salt lamps place you in a state of ease.