Cystic Fibrosis and Salt Therapy

How Salt Therapy Can Help with Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a hereditary condition (it tends to run in families) that affects the patient’s ability to produce mucus. This genetic disorder interferes with the cells that produce this substance, which is vital for the proper function of many internal organs and body systems. Mucus is a sticky substance responsible for lubricating the passageways of air in the respiratory system and digestive tract, so it needs to be thin and slippery to perform its role effectively.

In a person with cystic fibrosis, the mucus produced by the body becomes thick and sticky instead of thin and slippery, which interferes with its function as it can hamper the smooth passage of air, blood, and food. Sufferers often exhibit various symptoms, including constant lung problems, stunted growth, and a salty taste on their skin, with some experiencing swelling of their fingertips caused by the build-up of minerals in their extremities that are trapped there by clogged passageways.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Cystic fibrosis affects many thousands of people in the United States alone and afflicts patients of all ages, with most patients receiving their diagnoses by the time they are two years old. There is no cure for this condition, so people only have the options of various therapies that alleviate the symptoms of the condition. These options include enzyme therapy, antibiotic treatments, oxygen therapy, bacterial vaccines, percussion vests, and lung transplants.

Aside from these various therapies, which can be expensive and last throughout the patient’s life, sufferers are typically advised to take certain measures and lifestyle changes to improve their condition, including avoiding smoke, chemicals, and mildew, ensuring they stay hydrated, and exercising regularly. There is, however, a new option that has emerged and has proven itself to be highly effective in alleviating the symptoms of this condition, thus increasing their life expectancy and quality of life. This therapy is known as salt therapy.

Salt Therapy And How It Helps

Salt therapy is a revolutionary treatment option that boasts the advantages of being a non-invasive, natural-based, and inexpensive option that delays the long-term ramifications of the condition and increases the life expectancy of patients. The treatment is also known as Halotherapy (Halo is the Greek translation of salt).

Its development was inspired by the observations of Dr. Feliks Boczkowski back in 1843. The Polish physician noted that people working in salt mines rarely fell ill with the lung ailments that afflicted significant proportions of the population. He thus came up with a therapy based on the theory that the inhalation of dry salt aerosols inhibits the development of lung conditions and stimulates the immune system.

Salt therapy thus involves the introduction of aerosolized salt into the patient’s breathing space (essentially recreating the conditions of a salt cave), allowing them to breathe it in. This is usually done using a halogenerator, which works by crushing pharmaceutical-grade salt down to micro-particle size and blowing it out in a fine mist that the patient then inhales during their therapy session.

Salt therapy works by introducing salt into the lung passages, which are usually the most heavily impacted by thick mucus blockages. The salt encourages the breakdown of the mucus and restores the water linings in the lung passages, allowing the patient to breathe much more comfortably. Salt, which has antibacterial properties, also enhances the patient’s immune system, thus reducing their vulnerability to illness and infections, thus leading to a more positive prognosis.

Final Thoughts

While salt therapy is not a miracle cure, it has proven itself to be a highly effective therapy option that brings about positive short-term and long-term results. It is a cheap, non-invasive, and entirely natural way of bringing relief to patients living with cystic fibrosis and can be carried out on patients of all ages. Should you or a loved one be experiencing the effects of this condition, salt therapy can be a powerful option for you to consider. Best of luck!

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